Wanderlust Introducing ZENZONE in partnership with Zendium %

Each and every one of us has natural inner strength that allows us to feel protected, overcome challenges and grow as individuals and communities. In times of uncertainty or change, it’s easy to forget how naturally strong we are. By coming back to our inner strength and kindness, we allow the natural potential that lives within us to become a positive driving force to our wellbeing, physical and mental health.

Join us in the Wanderlust ZENZONE in partnership with Zendium.

Step into space where our community of leading Wanderlust experts will inspire and educate on boosting your inner strength through mindful practices during these challenging times. Join one of the Wednesday weekly classes on @WanderlustGB IGLive with the mindful community. Times are displayed in BST.


All Wanderlust ZENZONE classes in partnership with Zendium will be hosted on Wanderlust IG Live and IGTV. Here’s how to guarantee you don’t miss a class:

  • Set up a reminder RSVP to one of our Facebook Events and ping yourself a calendar reminder.
  • Stream Live! Share the practice with the mindful community and join the classes on our Wanderlust IG LIVE  every Wednesday. You can stream on your phone, tablet and now the laptop too.
  • Watch on IGTV A recording of live stream episodes will be available on Wanderlust IGTV the next day so you can watch and rewatch it any day,

Stay tuned as we’ll add new sessions to this page.


Wednesday, April 22

6p BST ~ Julie Montagu ~ Inner Strengthening Yoga ~ Watch on IGTV


Wednesday, April 29

7p BST ~ Richie Bostock ~ Breath for Inner Strength ~ Watch on IGTV


Wednesday, May 6

1p BST ~ Kimberly Parsons ~ Happy Microbiome Cooking ~ RSVP to Event ~ Watch


Wednesday, May 6

7p BST ~ Will Sebastian & Lauren Vaknine ~ Creating Zen Space at Home ~ Watch


Wednesday, May 20

8a BST ~ Maude Hirst ~ Meditation for Inner Strength ~ Watch


Wednesday, May 27

4p BST ~ Niraj Shah & Tim Graye ~ Boosting Inner Strength with Mind-Body Connection ~ Watch


Wednesday, June 3

8p BST ~ Mona Lisa Godfrey ~ Yoga Nidra ~ Watch


Wednesday, July 1

8p BST ~ Tracie Storey ~ Sound Healing ~ Watch


More Episodes Coming Soon





Each week, we’re giving away an Inner Strength Boosting Gift Box filled with goodies from Zendium, self-care essentials and surprises from Wanderlust teachers. For a chance to win, follow the Wanderlust ZENZONE episodes on @WanderlustGB IGTV, released every Thursday.




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