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Sometimes the most difficult part about working your core isn’t training it — it’s determining new ways to punish it. “Shaping an impressive core takes a mix of moves that no one ever does, done in a way that most wouldn’t dare,” says Alec Penix, celebrity trainer and author of Seven Sundays (Howard Books, 2018). These two circuits, designed by Penix, offer the perfect assortment of exercises to work your middle in every possible direction at a pace that will leave you breathless and burning.  

Concentrate on doing each exercise with perfect form during the time given. And unless an exercise directs you otherwise, your goal is to perform each move with a two-second up, two-second down pace. “What many people forget is that your core muscles’ primary job is to resist movement, not produce it,” Penix says. “When you rush through a move, you’re forcing your muscles to rely on momentum and work differently than how they’re designed.”

And before each exercise, Penix gives this tip: “Contract your core even before you start a move. This immediately reinforces your posture, stabilizes your back and improves your form so that you’ll reap more results from the routine with less risk of injury.”

If you’re ready to get down, this program will have your middle looking magnificent in no time!

Your Summer-Ready Core Circuits

Perform Circuit A one day, Circuit B the next and either take a day off or repeat each circuit again before giving your core a rest.

Do all four exercises back-to-back for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds or less of rest between moves. After you’ve completed the circuit, rest 20 seconds, then repeat it once or twice more, depending on your fitness level.

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