Training for Your Body Type

When putting together the right workout plan for your body, there are several things to consider — most important, what body type you have naturally. Bone structure helps determine what your body can support, and this is determined by genetics. There are three principal categories that most people fall into:  

  • Endomorph Body Type. This body type consists of higher fat percentages, is shaped like a pear and is much more likely to store fat.
  • Ectomorph Body Type. This is the lanky individual who has difficulty putting on weight of any kind — muscle or fat. High metabolisms are common in people with this body type.
  • Mesomorph Body Type. This is commonly thought of as the “V” shape frame in the torso. Mesomorphs bulk muscle more easily and have a fast metabolism.
Woman with abs stretching

Tailoring your training program to your natural body type can help you see results.

Working with your body is easier than working against it. For this reason, tailoring your training program to your body type can help you stick with it.

Endomorph Training

People with this body type will often benefit from weight training. The more lean muscle mass they have, the higher their basal metabolic rate will be, and thus, the more calories they will burn every day. It’s also important for these types to engage in a good portion of low-intensity cardio training for about an hour per week on top of strength training, especially in the lower body.

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