Today I love Homemade Date Squares

date square and cup of coffee
A date with my coffee

Today I love homemade date squares and I love making them myself. I love that there are people who love my date squares as much as I do. I love baking and I love that so many people are taking it up as a hobby in these new and interesting days. I love that people are learning things that smack of self sufficiency these days. I love that people are making their own sourdough starter, love that they are baking bread and feeding themselves and keeping busy all at once. I love that I’m seeing posts on social media of so many great home made foods coming from so many suddenly busy kitchens. I love that people are also trying to support their local restaurants as well by ordering takeout, pick up, and delivery foods. I love how many people are figuring out how to order groceries for pick up and delivery. I love that I have a grocery order of my own already started in another tab on my browser. I love how we have found that we are comfortable with our home despite the state it is in from being in the middle of a renovation. I love how we have found that we are comfortable in our isolation and companionship, each of us doing our own thing some of the time and welcoming the other to join in often. I love that we watch TV together and go for walks together and read together and even work on renovations together a little bit.

Today I love that every now and again I am reminded of poetry and when I am the world usually conspires to remind me of epic length poems and when that happens I am reminded of Edna St. Vincent Millay and her beautiful poem, Renascence. I love that it lulls me and yet keeps me attentive with its subtle washes of whimsy and bold splashes of emotion. I love that when I write poetry I revel in it but when I read great poetry I revel in that too.

Today I love things slowly getting done, like the new wiring for lighting in the old lightless living room, that is a treat. I love that I may bake banana bread today or I might work on the accent lighting led strips for the upper cabinets in the new kitchen, we’ll see which one holds my attention long enough for me to start. I love that either the banan bread or the lighting, once accomplished, would make me very happy.

Today I love drinking coffee and eating date squares, dreaming of poetry and contemplating baking and lighting, in my home with my isolation partner, all make me happy and content.

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