Today I Love Fresh New Mondays

spring snow
Incessant yet transient

Today I love fresh new Mondays and this one in particular with its fresh cover of snow falling with determination as if it were late Autumn and not the beginning of Spring. I love that today’s high is supposed to be well above freezing and this snow and its attitude, as resilient as it seems, will be no match for weather like that. I love that the next three days are to be warmer than today and that’s alright with me too. I love that more things will be done today to the new kitchen. I love that we have started using it in a limited way but as each thing gets done to it we get to use it more and more. I love that it won’t be long before we start working on the rest of the downstairs to make it warmer and more functional. I love that we have tossed ideas around for several years now and though we have decided on what we want to do we are still discussing possible options and plans still might change somewhat yet. I love that we have moved a lot of things into the kitchen drawers and cupboards already and there is still room for more things, and that’s part of what we were wanting in a new kitchen. I love that we decided to go for it and that it is becoming a reality.

Today I love that we had a reasonably restful weekend that included a trip to the cottage. I love that we have a place to go that gives us a change of scenery but that does not require us to come into contact with others. I love the cottage and its babbling brook. I love sharing pictures of that space with people on social media. I love that I joked about people who had left social media because it didn’t offer personal contact and physical presence now returning because it offers personal contact without physical presence, and that I was sincerely happy for anyone who had returned and was now getting to be part of the online community and availing themselves of some social interaction in these trying times. I love that when I joked about that, I did it on social media.

Today I love talking to people I am only just acquainted with and having good conversations. I love interacting with people on the huge network of folks who have the same issues I have and I really love how we are all constantly saying, “Really? Me too!” to each other. I love that social media was here and available for all the people who might have suffered from lack of interaction if it did not exist.

Today I love drinking coffee and enjoying my view of the tenacious yet fugacious snow that is falling so quickly, like it needs to be finished before its season is over.

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