Savoring the Little Things in Shaky Times

With so many of us staying home and not being able to rely on our regular routines and self-care practices, small actions and activities have taken on a more significant role in our lives. What once was an afterthought has become an anchor. These little things have become things we look forward to. They brighten our days and they can even stabilize them.

For instance, I’ve been savoring a cup of coffee every morning, listening to calming music while I work, and exercising with friends over video chat a few days a week. We’ve also been eating dinner in our dining room on most evenings and using fancy wine glasses for our water (and apple juice).

It’s these kinds of seemingly small rituals that help us to feel cared for. They help us to regroup, recharge, and reconnect to ourselves and to our loved ones. And I think it’s important to acknowledge the power of these tiny new traditions—and to be thankful for them. Because even in shaky, surreal, shocking times, these small actions are helping us to find our footing.

Similarly, I think it’s critical to reflect on other practices we’d like to incorporate into our days. Here’s a list of sweet, small, nourishing rituals or activities you might want to adopt:

  • savoring several pieces of rich, dark chocolate in the early afternoon
  • drinking tea from your favorite mug
  • taking walks around the neighborhood at the same time on most days
  • watching the sunset
  • journaling for 5 minutes in the mornings
  • ending the day with a few sleep-promoting yoga poses
  • listening to the same soothing song as you work
  • doing circle time with your kids
  • saying a prayer before bed
  • sitting on your porch in the evenings
  • eating pizza on Fridays
  • diffusing lavender essential oil as soon as you wake up
  • checking in with your best friend every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • putting on lip gloss every day
  • having family dance parties
  • snapping a photo outside your window at the same time every day
  • doing child’s pose before eating lunch
  • listening to classical music while you cook
  • listening to the same history podcast every Tuesday
  • sitting in the same chair while reading your favorite novel after dinner

Right now, carve out 10 minutes to make a list of several small rituals you’d like to practice on most days. Start by thinking about what you need—such as calm, play, quiet, or creativity—and then make sure the rituals you choose meet those needs.

It really doesn’t take much for us to feel centered and refreshed. Prioritize these tiny practices, and you’ll feel so much better.

What tiny rituals and simple pleasures are helping you to feel good? What tiny rituals and simple pleasures might nourish you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually that you’d like to add to your days?

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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