Jewelry Gifts: The Ultimate Guide

Top Jewelry Gifts According to Customer Reviews

Thinking of something to give someone? May it be birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays?

Then, a piece of jewelry is key!

Jewelry is one of the most common forms of a gift for centuries. Well, I guess, since the beginning of time. Men and women especially have always been delighted when receiving those as a gift regardless of the occasion. There is a lot of jewelry to choose from but here are the top jewelry gifts according to people who got maybe not just one but more.


First on the list is earrings. People wear earrings for self beautification and sometimes, one feels a little less empty for not filling the two or more small holes on their ears. Next, we have necklaces followed by bracelets. That jewelry mentioned actually has the same goal – to make someone look good on the outside and getting the feeling of satisfaction on the inside. Well, we still have one jewelry that stands out on an exceptional occasion – the ring!

Yes, this jewelry may not be as often as gifted but this one brings a significant feeling to someone when received. It has been part of our culture that giving a ring would mean getting engaged or soon to be married. That is definitely right! Although, people should also know that there are other types of rings that can be a gift to someone even when you do not intend to marry the person.

This applies to a best friend, a mother, or anyone you have great feelings towards aside from seeing the person be your husband or wife. So if there’s an occasion coming up, no need to ponder. Search for that jewelry as a gift and make that person feel important to you.

Earrings as a gift

A piece of jewelry can be given as a gift to anyone for any occasion. It’s something wearable and indeed timeless. Among all jewelry types, what do you think is the difference when someone gifted you a set of earrings? Well, with earrings you have the liberty and flexibility to be a little extra eccentric since these come in different shapes and sizes. Wearing earrings can help enhance your appearance and can add balance to your outfit. You also have the option to stick to the classic ones, go for the pearls, or choose the studs for some glamour and elegance. As such, buying earrings as a gift can give someone a smile as it helps highlight someone’s beauty and style.

Types of earrings

Who wouldn’t want to receive a set of earrings as a gift, right? Everybody would love it, I bet!

If the situation is the other way around and you are to give someone this jewelry, you have to make sure you know the different types for you to pick the most suited one.

There are six main categories for this:

First, the climbers and crawlers – this is commonly referred to as earring cuffs as it starts from the base and curves up your ear;

second, the dangles and drops – these are attached to the lobes and can either be very short or extremely long in length;

the third one are the hoops – these features multiple hoops into one rounded earring that gives a classy look even though it’s plain;

the fourth one is the Huggies – this style hugs your earlobe as they are small little hoops; the fifth type is the studs which suit mostly on different outfits. A stud is a small piece of earring that is directly worn through a small hole in the earlobe;

the last but not the least, the jacket earrings – as its name suggests, it wraps around another earring which adds sparkle to the jewelry when worn.

Having known the styles, it’s time to figure out which on to choose and hand over as a gift.

Long-awaited gift – engagement ring

If you have been having a good time and everything seems to be almost perfect in your relationship, for women, the most awaited part is when her man finally pops that question if she wants her to marry him. Truth to be told, there is no amount wrong or right amount of time to wait and be engaged.

Traditionally, the couple has to wait for a couple of years before they get officially engaged. With how the generations evolved, others have only been in a relationship for less than a year and they decided to take it to the next level.

Really, it’s the couple’s decision, not the society, their peers, and even their parents. When you both feel like it’s the right moment, then be it. It all depends on the situation, feeling, circumstances as every couple is unique in their own way.

So, when the moment of truth comes to life, the long-awaited gift is to be offered with a yes as the answer to his question.

How to choose the best ring

Choosing the best ring for the love of your life is not an easy task to do. There are do’s and don’ts as well as a checklist to follow to make sure you are doing it right. One very important detail you need to tick off the box is knowing her size. As they say, you know her well if you know what fits her finger.

Next, understand some details about diamonds, followed by choosing the right metal and deciding on a setting for the ring. These are not some store knowledge one has, it has to be learned along the way – careful research will do.

And, finally, consider your budget! You can’t just keep hunting for rings without knowing the cost and how much of it you can afford. A gentle reminder though, if you think you can’t do this process alone, it’s always best to seek expert advice so you won’t go wrong. When buying engagement rings online it is also important to make sure you purchase in the right place such as IceCarats.


Whether you are buying an engagement ring or a wedding ring for your loved one or getting a family member a jewelry gift, always make sure you go to the right place and get the best one. As you go along, you might get tired or even ask yourself if you are really getting one. Move forward my dear, that’s just normal. Think of what the output will be rather than giving up due to how tedious it may seem. Don’t forget the checklist so you can tick each item off of it. And to spice it up more, remember how precious these pieces of jewelry are, as they appreciate over time. Jewelry can be a gift now and an heirloom for your loved ones later.

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