Common mistakes in clinic and how to avoid them – new BJSM podcast

I love recording podcasts with the team at BJSM. They ask great questions and always attract a huge audience! Our recent one on gait re-training is now up to nearly 13,000 listens and our latest offering has had 8,000 in barely over a week!

In this new podcast we talk about common mistakes we all make in clinic and how we can avoid them to improve our results. I talk about mistakes I’ve made as well as issues I see in patients who haven’t improved with treatment. I also tackle a frequent issue I come across in these patients, the ‘poke and hope’ approach! Listen below or visit the BJSM blog page.

We also have some exciting news! We’ve recently confirmed a new, 1 day running conference where I’ll be presenting alongside Claire Minshull, Ian Griffiths, Chris Napier and Alex Hutchinson! Click HERE to find out more and book your place. There are also just a handful of places left for our Worthing and Reading courses, check out our Running Repairs page for more info.

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