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Top Pick

EZ GLAM Tumbling Air Track Mat

Easy to Use and Safest Design. This inflatable tumbling mat provides perfect air pressure around 5psi which increases the chance of landing dismounts rather than hurting yourself. 

What We Liked

Staying safe when performing jumps or backflips is important. EZ Glam makes sure whoever is using this device stays safe and is able to land whatever they need to on. And because of its easy to use design, it’s quick to inflate or deflate for easy storage. Buy it now. 

Most Affordable

BCGA Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track Tumbling Mat

Budget-Friendly and Waterproof. This inflatable tumbling mat is the most affordable option under $500 depending on the size. It is also waterproof so it can be used in your pool or at the beach.

What We Liked

If staying on budget is important to you then you should pick up this inflatable tumbling mat by BCGA. It’s durable and is even waterproof so you can have a more intense training session in the pool or at the beach. Get it now. 

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