4 key steps for return to running after injury

Every runner I see in clinic has one thing in common. They all want to return to running! More than that, they all want to return to a particular level of running and for many they want to be back pushing their times and making good progress.

The problem is that there’s actually very little evidence to guide us in this return to running process. I reviewed the literature for module 5 of Running Repairs Online and found only a handful of clinical commentaries and no studies comparing different approaches in injured runners. Even in ACL rehab where there are established protocols a recent paper (Rambaud et al. 2018) found that fewer than 1 in 5 of the 201 studies they reviewed reported clinical, strength or performance-based return to running criteria.

We recognise that there’s little to help clinicians in what can be a challenging stage of rehab so we put together a free return to running guide which you can download here.

I’ve also recorded a video taking you through the 4 key steps to a successful return to running which you can watch below:

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