3 Simple Ways to Make the Earth Healthier

3 Ways to Create a Healthy Planet

We all want a healthier planet, but the impact of our diets on the environment isn’t well understood. A Yale University survey of more than 1,000 American adults found that 51 percent said they would eat more plant-based foods if they knew how this simple change would impact the environment.

Relevant fact: Producing beef on factory farms emits 20 times more greenhouse gases than beans—for the same amount of protein. But if you aren’t part of the four percent of Americans who are vegan or vegetarian, what can you do?

Choose Meat Wisely

Researchers at the University of Minnesota examined the environmental impact of more than 90 types of food and found that conventional beef production has 3–10 times the negative environmental impact of pork, poultry, and fish. In addition, beef that’s raised with regenerative farming methods can reduce greenhouse gases.

Make Plant Foods Count

The more plant foods you eat, the more important it is to choose organic. A French study of more than 34,000 people found that the environmental benefits of organic were greatest from people who ate the most vegetables.

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